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How it all started

In 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone. He set forth a plan to dominate the phone market with its simplicity of use and beautiful sleek form factor. His plan worked flawlessly but problem was, almost everyone was using the iPhone. To differentiate the phones, the market offered users with a vast array of casings that made phones bulky. Late 2007, HydraSkins was formed with a mission to offer a better alternative to these bulky cases. We set forth a goal to make gadgets uniquely different without sacrificing its original form factor while offering it a layer of protection. Our goal led to the creation of high quality skins which are Removable, Reusable, Scratch Resistant, Water Resistant and above all, it looked beautiful. From just Laptop Skins, we gradually included Phone Skins and Tablet Skins into our range of products. Who says gadget protection can’t look great?

What are we up to now

Apart from updating our model list archive with the latest gadgets, we have been meticulously adding more designs for you to choose from. If you want your gadget to look simple with a hint of elegance, look no further than our specially crafted textured skins otherwise called as the Touch collection. These cool textured skins will make heads turn. Working behind the scenes, we are applying our skin technology and application techniques to various other products. Soon you might see our skins in the most unlikely of places .If you have an idea to incorporate your brand to any gadgets or products, talk to us. We could offer you a solution just like we did for Maybank, DiGi, Celcom, Universal Music, Olympus, Kimberly Clark and many other corporations that have benefited from our product makeover services.

Quality assured

In order to serve you better, we have put in place an ISO 9001 quality system into our manufacturing and servicing processes. This world renowned quality system would ensure all our skins are of the best quality. Through this system, we are committed to serve you the best we can.

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