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Macbook Air, Pro, Retina : Pattern Design Skins


Availability: In stock

Quick Overview

Choose between Macbook Air 11/13", Pro 13/15", Retina 13/15"
Vibrant color print with gloss finishing
Bubble free application
With care, skin is reusable
Clean removable without leaving adhesive

No More Bubbles, No More Creases.

  Clean Removal    Reusable
  Scratch Resistant  Water/Sweat Resistant


This purchase earns you 42 store point(s). 42 points = MYR4.20.


These patterns are harmoniously formed together to create a wonderful piece of art. They are carefully crafted to look great on the Macbook. HydraSkins’ thin vinyl wraps these Pattern Designs perfectly around the Macbook and makes it pop. It doesn’t add bulk nor weight therefore maintaining the form factor of the Macbook the way it should be. Our vinyl’s Vynduo Technology protects the Macbook from scratches, water and sweat. Our EasyStick Technology makes application and removal of the skin extremely easy..

Here's how to apply the skin onto the Macbook :

Here's how to easily apply the skin onto your macbook
The adhesive part of all our skins has air channels that release trapped air during application hence ensuring a bubble free application.

Are the skins reusable?

The skins are reusable. However, special care in removing the skin and placing it back onto the liner is important to preserve the reusability of the skin. Depending on usage and heat generated by your gadget, it will affect the tackiness of the adhesive hence void the reusability feature of the skin after some time.


Will HydraSkins leave residue when I remove it from my gadget?

No. HydraSkins’ uses only residue free adhesive for its skins. It will be as easy to remove as when you apply it. However in some extreme cases due to various gadget surface or excessive heat it may cause it to leave some excess on your gadget. This can be easily overcome with light rubbing to remove the excess from your gadget’s surface.

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